Light vs Dark Colored Roofs when Roofing Fullerton CA

When designing your home, or when doing some work on your roof, a question that comes up is what color should I make my roof? What materials look best with which color? Which roofing style is most common for a modern look? The color of your roof will reflect the value of your home, and what options you can give the rest of the colors of your home’s siding and interior. The color of your roofing Fullerton CA home’s roof is your preference but other factors come into play when making a final decision. We’ve compiled a list of what to look for when making this decision.

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Defining Your Roof Color

Contrast plays a role in how to determine which color to use on your home. If you have a darker roof, then the proper color of your siding should be lighter, and vice versa. Contrasting colors pop more and look more appealing to the eyes and improve curb appeal. Contrast is a very popular color scheme of roofing Fullerton CA homes today.

A very popular color palette for homes of the 90s was the monochromatic color scheme. This design style incorporated the color of beige across most of the exterior of the home. They had beige roofs, siding, and trims on the home. The shade of beige varied depending on the home but was a focus point of the color palette. 

For roofing Fullerton CA, the homes would have a better standing with lighter tones on the roof. The California sun is strong and it is attracted to darker colors, so having a contrasting roof with a lighter roof will look very appealing. The reason why we are concerned over the sun is because it can help prevent your home from being fed extra heat which leads to an increase in your monthly utility bill. This is true to a home that does not receive a properly insulated roof that can impact the interior temperature of the home. Darker roofs also stand out better against the popular palm trees of California, and are a good balance of color tones.

Your Home, Your Color

SoCal Roofing Fullerton CA is the roofing company that will make sure the color palette of your home is the color of your dreams, and make your home high value and comfortable. We offer the best roofing work in the area, and are happy to perform an inspection of your home.