Roofers in Whittier Think the Rams Can Run it Back

It’s been two months since the city of Los Angeles won their 2nd Super Bowl in franchise history, and the city is still going crazy celebrating. Roofers in Whittier were partying on rooftops celebrating Sean McVay, Matthew Stafford, Aaron Donald, and the rest of the team as they beat the Cincinnati Bengals in Super Bowl LVI, by 23-20. Our team has proven that defense and elite quarterback play win Super Bowls, and the best wide receiver in the league Cooper Kupp also being main contributors in our victory. As we look back at our victory, our city champions hoisting up the Lombardi Trophy, we want to look back at our victory heard around the world, and why we think we’re poised to win again next season.

Super Bowl LVI 🏆

Matthew Stafford joins the Los Angeles Rams from the Detroit Lions in a trade for former 2016 1st overall pick Jared Goff, two 1st round picks, and a 3rd round pick, quite the haul in the 2021 offseason. At the time it felt like an enormous trade, giving up so much for a quarterback in his early 30s that proved he was an elite quarterback but he never amounted to much in the motor city. Our roofers in Whittier, CA saw through the noise and knew that Matthew Stafford was going to be big for the city, and that he was going to blow the roof off of SoFi Stadium.

Super Bowl LVI MVP Cooper Kupp caught the craziest touchdown with 1:25 left in the fourth quarter to secure the lead and put us over the Bengals in the end. We remember clutching our fist out of stress. We knew that Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase were an insane quarterback-receiver duo, lighting teams up in the regular season and the playoffs. We know the same thing many people knew in the 2021 draft would come back to bite Cincinnati, their Offensive Lineman. Cincinnati had one of the worst Offensive lines in the league, not as bad as the Miami Dolphins but still on the lower end of the spectrum.

We knew that putting their Offensive line versus the greatest defensive tackle in all of football would not turn out well for them. As Ja’Marr Chase beat his defender, Jalen Ramsey of all people, Aaron Donald in the clutch broke through the offensive line and sacked Joe Burrow, ending the game and giving our LA Rams the Super Bowl.

Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl LVI Champions of the World. Absolutely Incredible.🏆

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As we celebrate our victory, with parades, parties, and roofing inspections, we see that the team is not the same as before, it’s better. We made moves that upgrade in different areas of need that we were going to lose after the season, but we made some star studded moves, and were not done yet.

One of the more underrated moves that many outlets are not talking about, Sean McVay turning down a huge TV deal to remain head coach of the Los Angeles Rams. There was a huge offer for Sean McVay to become a TV Analyst, and he turned it down to stay with the Rams, which looks to be one of the best decisions of his career.

Our team grabbed another underrated player in free agency, Allen Robinson. Allen Robinson is an amazing wide receiver that has been with the Chicago Bears, and has had to play with some of the lowest tiered Quarterbacks in the league. He can finally reach his full potential. You put Cooper Kupp and Allen Robinson in the offense they are going to be the most difficult wide receiver duo to defend against. As of right now, Odell Beckham Jr. is still on the roster, but is likely leaving our team. If he doesn’t leave, that is another extremely talented weapon on our offense.

Our defense is still the best in the league, and our offense has been bolstered even more. Roofers in Whittier, California are finding it difficult for another team to knock down the reigning champions. What an exciting season for our team to be coming back to. As long as our team remains healthy. You know what else needs to remain healthy? The roof on your home.

Roofers in Whittier for the Touchdown

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