The Roof Inspection Process in Roofing Whittier

The Roof Inspection Process in Roofing Whittier

Most people have never experienced a roofing inspection before, and will not know what to expect or learn about their roof. Most people are worried that roofing inspections feel like they are going to end in an expensive price tag, and that is not necessarily the case. An expensive price point shouldn’t deter homeowners from making sure the health of their roof is maintained, because the value of a replacement is much more expensive than a repair. There are several different process points to look out for during the inspection, and this will educate you when roofing Whittier homes is happening.

The Process

A roof inspection report is a detailed document that includes photographic evidence of the roof conditions. Advice from the inspector and honesty should be provided to customers on any issues that need to be addressed in the short term and what the homeowner should look out for in the future. During the roofing Whittier inspection, it’s important to try to determine the age of the roof, the shape, the current system, and areas of damage outside and in the attic. Some of the exact issues to be checked will be:

  • Damage from Strong winds
  • Effects of general aging
  • Warping due to issues with the roof decking
  • Cracking and brittleness due to long exposure to UV sun rays
  • Improper installation from a previous roofing Whittier contractor
  • Missing shingles exposing the underlayment
  • Fallen limbs
  • Prolonged contact to vegetation adjacent to building foundation
  • Algae, mold, and fungal growth
  • Damage from malfunctioning gutters

The purpose of a roof inspection report is to inform you about any structural and cosmetic issues related to your roof. Recommended actions to take to restore and preserve your roof should be presented in the inspection.

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