The Sun and the Damage Heat Causes to Your Shingles, Handling Roofing Fullerton Residence Should be Made Aware of These Issues

Did you know that the sun can cause serious damage to your shingles? In fact, over time the sun’s UV rays can break down the sealant on your shingles and cause them to deteriorate. Not only does this leave your home vulnerable to water damage, but it can also be a major safety hazard. So if you have shingles on your roof, be sure to take steps to protect them from the sun’s damaging rays. When roofing Fullerton residence, understanding the different varieties of damages that incur to your roof can be all considered dangerous to what they may cause to your home.


The sun’s UV rays not only can break down the sealant but they also can make the shingles dry and inflexible, leaving the shingles vulnerable to cracking. When shingles become cracked, an increased risk of moisture getting below the shingles and into the roof structure. Moisture entering your home through your roof can create many other problems such as mold, mildew, fire hazards, structural damage.

Damaged Flashing

Damage to the flashing within the roof is another form of exposure for water and other liquids to penetrate the roof and into your home. Metal flashing is more durable and less likely to negatively be affected by the sun; however, if you have plastic flashing it can start to stretch, pull away, and break as the roof joist expands in the heat. The penetration caused by the damage flashing can not only bring in liquid but seriously harms the structural integrity of the roof itself.


Shrinking shingles are a direct cause of the sun and are very dangerous to your roof. If your home is in Fullerton roofing and roofers keep in mind the dangers that come with shrinking and normally would place preventive measures. If your shingles do begin to shrink, the nails holding the shingles can pop out. Blisters in the shingles form and when they pop they leave the asphalt unprotected and prone to increased degradation. These timeline of damages will lead to leaks and ultimately are very difficult to repair the damaged shingles.

SoCal Roofing

The scorching sun is out in full force. While it’s great for getting us all outside and active, the heat can be damaging to our homes if we’re not careful. This is especially true for our roofs, which take the brunt of the beating from the summer sun. If you live in Fullerton, CA, then you can rest a little easier knowing that your roofing company offers Fullerton Roofing inspection services to help prevent damages from occurring. SoCal Roofing wants to help keep your home safe and looking its best Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.