Types of Roofs Whittier CA

Roofers Recommend

When it comes time to replace your roof, there are a lot of factors to consider. One of the most important is what material to choose. We’ve compiled a list of our top roofing materials roofers Whittier CA would recommend for your homes, based on durability and affordability. Whether you’re looking for metal, clay, shingle, or slate, we have a recommendation that will fit your needs!

There are four major and most popular roofing materials for Whittier CA residents, and these are what we’ll recommend and go over. We’ll discuss their durability, aesthetic quality, and the added benefits and negatives of each material. Every home is different and some materials add an increased value to the home compared to others, so if you’re looking to give your home an upgrade on value, then having the knowledge these roofers Whittier CA recommend will help give you the best chance of having the best home.

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Shingles are of the most common and most popular roof material throughout Whittier CA and essentially across the United states. Shingles are of the most cost efficient as the cheapest average material, and come in many different colors. The installation and repair process is also much simpler than other roofing materials and does not come with as many roadblocks. Shingle is also the weakest of materials and can only last up to 20 years and the most ideal weather conditions and routine maintenance. Shingles also absorb heat which increases your monthly utility expenses.


Metal roofs are the most durable, and come with many benefits that make an immediate impact on the quality and value of your home. Metal roofs have high durability, and are high in aesthetic quality. Metal roofs also vary greatly from affordable to expensive depending on where you get them and what kind of metal roof you go for. Metal roofs are also low maintenance when it comes to frequency of repairs. Metal roofs can come in different colors and are made from recyclable materials. Metal roofs reflect heat which makes them ideal for saving on monthly utility bills, which are a direct reason for increasing the value of your home.


Clay tile is considered high in aesthetic quality and can be considered high end and attractive. Concrete tile can be made in several different colors and shapes, allowing for several different varieties of concrete. These tiles are more susceptible to damage and complex to install, but the curb appeal proves worth it. Colors tend to fade over time so routine maintenance is ideal for this roofing material.


Slate is considered on average the most expensive but it is long lasting and highly durable. Slate also has the added benefit of being mold and fire resistant. Roofers Whittier CA find that slate can greatly increase the value of the home. All these benefits also include the fact that slate is very heavy, which makes it difficult to install.

Which is Best for You

At the end of the day, your roof and your home all vary in what would fit best for your home. SoCal Roofers Whittier CA can help perform an inspection of your home and help recommend which material would be best for your home. Educating homeowners on what different types of roofing materials are available is the best way to help homeowners prepare for our inspections. Giving homeowners the best idea of what to expect is our goal and we look forward to hearing from you, book with us today!